What Matters Today: Daisies

I have a thing for daisies. The flower just seems to scream joy, as if it’s an invitation to smile that comes with petals. Their typical white and yellow hues offer a bit of innocence and sweetness, a childlike sense of whimsy that unearths with it a nostalgia for my own childhood.

‘Daisy’ is also the name of my golden retriever. And she certainly embodies all of those qualities in one golden and furry package: she is joyful, an invitation to crack a smile even when I may be feeling stressed or upset. She is innocent and sweet — and most certainly childlike in her love of games, swimming, and vanilla ice cream. At nearly 10 years old, she is still a ‘kid’ at heart, with the spryness of a dog half her age.

So it should come as no surprise that when I come across items embossed with daisies, I am instantly drawn to them. I’ve purchased daisy-printed tops and skirts, a swimsuit coverup and even a daisy-themed ring (or two). For my birthday last year, my parents even gifted me daisy earrings. Clearly, I could put together an entire daisy outfit if I really wanted.

After my most recent birthday, I can complete the head-to-toe daisy look, thanks to these sweet little daisy-printed espadrilles. Once again, my parents gifted a daisy item, and I have been wearing them ever since.

My daisy espadrilles, thanks to Soludos and my parents. These are just about the most comfortable — and by far the cutest — shoes I own.

These Soludos-brand espadrilles are just about the most comfortable — and by far the cutest — shoes I own, and they are perfect for any and all summertime outings. Their light-blue upper and woven midsole, with embroidered white and yellow daisies, provide a neutral canvas that allows the espadrilles to be paired with everything from a summer dress, to jeans, to shorts and a T-shirt.

Looking down at my feet and seeing daisies every time I wear them brings an undeniable smile to my face. I think of my dog and her energy and my parents who gave them to me, and the shoes become a reminder to be spontaneous and focus on the moment in front of me, not just where I might be traveling in said shoes.

So what matters today are happy thoughts and happy reminders to have such positive thoughts. What matters today are shoes that are both comfortable and cute. What matters is a dog that is my everyday reminder to find joy, and my family that is often the source of that joy.

What matters most is taking time to stop and smell the flowers — even if that means looking down at my feet to be reminded to do so.