An (In)Formal Introduction

The universe is filled with many puzzles: how the universe was created, how we can feel air but not see it, how light travels, how life events can seem to be either chance or destiny. So many of these conundrums permeate our world and our lives on a daily basis, yet there is one puzzle that never ceases to both amaze and inspire me.

That puzzle for me? Writing.

Yes, writing. The act of putting words together to form sentences, sentences together to form paragraphs, and paragraphs to form complete thoughts, start-to-finish stories. We do this every single day, both aloud and in print, in our heads and in demonstrable ways. It is so commonplace that we barely notice it. But for me, it is the single puzzle with which I am most enamored.

To choose my words deliberately, to have them convey the very meaning I desire, to have them tell the most full, honest story they can is endlessly fascinating. With each sentence, I turn each word around like the puzzle piece it appears to be in my head, scanning its edges to determine just how it might fit together with the word before it, the one that is yet to come. Once each word — each puzzle piece — connects to the next, the words, the sentences, the paragraphs flow forth more easily, more fluidly, until I start to see the story I hoped to tell take shape in the exact likeness I hoped it would.

It is this infatuation with words, with writing, with storytelling that brought me here, to What Matters Today. This is the place that the gears of my mind will get to put together all the puzzle pieces it could ever want, to produce pieces of writing all the topics that come to matter to me. From a recipe I’ve finally tested out, to the run I just completed, to a timely news topic, or that new song I just can’t get out of my head, What Matters Today is my attempt to bring joy, insight, humor, honesty, and humanity to a variety of subjects and themes. You’ll also find some bits and pieces of my creative writing endeavors, as well as some of my favorite pieces of photography to come out of my Nikon.

While I will be sharing something different with each post, one thing is for sure: all that lives on What Matters Today comes from both my head and my heart. And I hope the puzzle pieces of my words will combine to create some beautiful pictures and some wonderful stories.

I hope you’ll join me.

Much love,